Fred's Home Page


I'm Fred and two years ago I graduated from the Battersea Dogs' Home.

Since then I've walked hundreds of miles on behalf of London's dogs. I've jumped a zillion fallen logs, tumbled into canals, dived into rivers, and road-tested umpteen squirrels solely so that you can have as good a time as I did. I took my human Mary with me on my travels - she carried the knapsack and the sandwiches while I paw by paw, nose to the ground, sniffed out the very best of the capital's, canine outings. I report on them in my book, Dogs' London, which Mary thinks she wrote.

So dogs of London pick up your tennis balls, your kongs and your favourite sticks and follow in my pawsteps along footpaths and across parks - I've chosen the ones with the richest smells, the highest count of horse manure (for rolling in) and plenty of lovely, lovely mud.

(c) 1997 Mary Scott