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a tale of Restoration intrigue by

Molly Brown

Restoration fashion

From Life and Times of Anthony Wood, antiquary, of Oxford, 1632 - 1695, described by Himself:

From Tyrannus or The Mode, 1661, by John Evelyn:

From Musick's Monument, 1676, by Thomas Mace

The ascent of French fashion

Everything new from sedan chairs to dainty silver brushes for cleaning teeth was French. Even drinking coffee and tea were customs imported from the French. A contemporary writer noted how: Perfumed gloves, pocket looking-glasses, elegant boxes, apricot paste, essences and other small items of love arrived every week from Paris.

Pepys's diary, 2 March 1669:

The first "BUY BRITISH" campaign

In 1666, Charles tried to start a strictly British fashion of long, loose fitting vests, but the king of France took to dressing his servants and footmen in that fashion, so Charles and his courtiers had to switch back.

Pepys's diary:

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